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The Shining Wizards - Episode 439 - Five Times With Bazza, Sucka!


For the fifth consecutive year, Tony travels to Spain and taps his pal from England, the Wrestling Monkey himself, Bazza Smith, do to the wrestling talk. There’s plenty of analysis of David Starr’s appearance on the show, including We the Independent, Equity, and the changes that have been made and have also been called for with respect to the independent wrestler. Plus, the guys talk about what’s been happening in the UK, including the tragedy of Lionheart, the closing of Defiant Wrestling, the effect of NXT and NJPW on the UK independent scent, a possible reunion of the High Cinco boys, and so much more.

A special thanks to our Patreon producers as well: “Queen of the Wizards” Kathy Hummer, Cindy Ardon
“The AOP” Dan Russoniello and Anthony Russoniello, Mike Martinelli, “Dark Helmet” Ryan Arthur, “The Shauns” Shaun To and Shaun Coelho, “Kratzo” Manuel Krotochvil, Bret Ciminello, Alex “My Pal” Vasquez, Kate “The Great” Hensler, Matt Garifo (no relation), Matt Mellinger, and William Mercier, Jr.


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