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Old Head vs. Young Buck - The Pilot


On this pilot edition of Old Head vs. Young Buck, Lee and Rage kick things off talking about the differences of having cable and not.  From there Rage tries to explain what constitutes a bitch and he likes Today's Miley Cyrus.  Lee then makes a old a statement saying all sports including the National Football League and Ultimate Fighting Championship are scripted.  They throw insults at each other when it comes to be active outdoors.  Then Rage tries to needle Lee about his Yoga practices.  But things turn sour when Lexicon in the chat room says Rage looks like Biggie Smalls but Rage defends himself saying by saying he is black but not black.  Then there is a deep discussion about whether or not braces would chafe down there.  And Rage professes his love for white girls and admits that he really does not have any standards.

Some of the other things talked about were MTV, reality shows, outdoor activities, the attractiveness of Chyna, Jay Lethal, Atlantic City, and much much more.  Check it out!!

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