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Freaks & F’n Geeks - Episode 56

March 30th, 2016

Lee and Rage break down what is going on in their lives.  Including what Lee accidently did to Lil K over the weekend.  Then we find out that Rage wants to be filmed for a movie.  Then William Morgan joins in and gives his thoughts on some of the things the guys are talking about.  And then Rage tries to read a story about Orlando Brown.  But just quite not get it done.  All this and so much more.

The Rant - Episode 448 - 03/29/16

March 29th, 2016

This week, the crew gets ready for WrestleMania as they talk about all things that have nothing to do with wrestling.  We bracket out all 23 WrestleMania’s and Double A’s candies.  Then we have On The Spot and it turns out to be a bust.  Well we tried our best but what the hell.  The big show is This Sunday.  This and so much more.

TalkBrunch - Episode 102 - 03/28/16

March 29th, 2016

- Wrestlemania Marathon Details
- Weekly RAW & NXT Rundowns
- Batman V Superman
- The Walking Dead 6x15 "East" Review
- Jon Jones Caught by Cops Drag Racing Audio
- Ronda Rousey's Feelings on Holly Holm Loss
- NXT Takeover Card & Predictions
- Kat Williams MMA Upset
- The Division Updates
- WWE Hall of Fame Induction Updates
- Hulkster Flow
- Scott Steiner has words for Hogan & Dixie
- Anticipating Quantum Break
- Mr Anderson on negative TNA statement
- Former NXT talents to TNA
- Stacker 2 Fat Burner Epilogue
- Daniel Bryan's Retirement Discussion
- The Rock's Mania Role Theories
- Brock Lesnar on Substances and Titles
- Vader's Mastadong
- Brand Split Rumors
- Injuries & Recoveries

What Are You Reading? Volume 9 Issue 12

March 27th, 2016

This week its a huge show. The Flash and Arrow return to TV Talk, we get more news on DC Rebirth out of WonderCon, Supergirl gets two big pieces of casting news, some brief trailer talk, and at the end of the show, the big spoiler review of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice with guest Stanley Kubrick! The spoiler talk begin about the 2:05 mark

The Wrestling Call In Show - Ep309 - 03/26/16

March 27th, 2016

On Tony C's big birthday bash, we got some WrestleMania talk in as we run down the card as well as some NXT Takeover: Dallas talk.  And then we get a run in by Rage and we talk about plans for his porn movie.  We then just talk about everything and anything on this birthday bash edition of The Wrestling Call In Show

Turnbuckle Throwbacks - Ep166 - Gettin’ Dirty

March 26th, 2016

The Mega Powers retirement tour continues as Dave is in studio this episode as we are joined by Indy superstar and Staten Islands own The “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson! The shows format gets tossed out the window as we talk all things wrestling, baseball and even some politics. Almost two years in the making and it was all worth it. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did.

Rant ‘N Wrestling - Episode 105 - WrestleMania Rewind

March 25th, 2016

We talk about some Raw, the build to WrestleMania and if its good or bad, and we recap our favorite WrestleMania moments.

Freaks & F’n Geeks - Episode 55

March 23rd, 2016

This week Lee and Rage talk about what is on their minds.  Including Rage revealing that he now works at Home Depot effective Tonight.  With all that, talk turns to Surfer and why somebody online looks like him with cracked feet.  And Surfer couldn’t stay away and tries to come in defend himself.  All this and so much more. 

The Rant - Episode 447 - 03/22/16

March 22nd, 2016

This week, Double A is joined by Tony C, Scott, and Shaine as they do a piss poor job talking about the week in wrestling.  Because life and fast food discussion over takes the show.  From do’s and don’ts of ordering fast food.  And then the boys try to give Double A intervention about his addiction of sugar which he denies.  Then we finally get to wrestling and recap what happened on WWE Monday Night RAW.  All this and so much more.

TalkBrunch - Episode 101 - 03/21/16

March 22nd, 2016

- WWE Raw, NXT & ROH Aftermaths
- Jen's RantEM Sushi Taste Challenge Aftermath
- Hulkster Money Flow
- Joey Ryan & Rey Mystery in Lucha Underground
- New X-Men Apocalypse Trailer
- Titus O'Neil's Suspension Update
- Jordon Cobb Does a Run in
- Kurt Angle & Rey Mysterio Have a Match
- Batman V Superman Movie Gross
- Why Quantum Break is worth the buy
- Funny Edge & Christian Show Segments
- Eric Young & Bobby Roode's Status
- Is James Storm TNA's POW?
- Photoshopping with Matt Squires
- Hall of Fame Updates
- The Walking Dead 6x14 "Twice as far" Review
- Updates on Returns & Injuries
- TNA Comings & Goings
- New Hall of Fame Inductions
- CM Punk UFC Update
- Evolve Holding WWE Cruiserweight Tournament
- Most watched WWE Network Shows

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