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Turnbuckle Throwbacks - Ep154 - The Best & Worst Of 2015

December 30th, 2015

It’s been a pretty shitty year for mainstream wrestling, but it was a very good year for the Turnbuckle Throwbacks wrestling podcast. Couldn’t fit all of our best moments but we managed to squeeze in some great stuff. For instance back in February during black history month our tribute to Bobo Brazil, Our wrestle mania blessing from our pal Pastor Siddell. How bout our tribute to the late, great American Dream Dusty Rhodes including the time he needed a gorilla as a tag team partner. Who can forget The Mega Powers finest moment of 2015..MEGA SLAM! It’s all on this episode. We truly want to thank all of our friends, family and peers for making 2015 a memorable year. We love you all and will see you in 16′

TalkBrunch - RantEM New Years Party

December 30th, 2015

- Raw, NXT, RoH, Super Smackdown & Troops tribute Rundown
- Ric and Mc, live in studio
- The team goes shopping at ShopTNA.com
- Tom Philips recovering from Steph beatdown
- New day Rocks
- Vince McMahon's swagger
- Changes to the Slammys
- Vinny Ru on Kevin Owens
- Tamnia's jungle music
- Injury updates
- Diva's title or Women's title?
- TNA pops
- Rockamania
- Chyna seasons beatings
- Kurt angle on leaving WWE for TNA
- Billy Gun wins
- Is Bellator the TNA of MMA?
- Eva Marie threatens main roster return
- Hernandez/Lucha Underground lawsuit
- John Cena 4 Life
- Analyzing the Roman Reigns push
- WWE Breaking ground talk
- CM Punk in UFC 2
- Sexual chocolate & Sammy
- Rage Hardy
- Remembering Motorhead

The Wrestling Call In Show - Ep296 - 12/26/15

December 28th, 2015

On this special edition of the show, we talk about the WWE Slammy Awards, new dlc for WWE2K16, who will be the first participants in the Royal Rumble, and whats going in Lucha Underground?  Plus we play some what if questions and much much more. You don't want to miss this!

Rant ‘N Wrestling - Episode 92 - This Is Not Our Final Battle

December 25th, 2015

We are back baybay. As we talk about ROH Final Battle 2015, and the WWE Slammy Awards.

Turnbuckle Throwbacks - Ep153 - Merry Malcolm-X

December 25th, 2015

Our year end episode is one for the ages. In typical throwback tradition, Tony from the Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast joins us for our annual xmas shindig. “Maniac” Matt Squires checks in with a holiday road show. The boys exchange presents while indulging in adult beverages and noshing on some Staten Island pizza. Some holiday cheer from our pal kid human aka SCOTT and the Rant’s Tony C checks in as our Throwback is from 2006 entitled “Totally Tool Wrestling” Volume 3! We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed new year. Thank you for the support throughout this year. See you all in 2016 with some more awesome Throwbacks

TalkBrunch - Christmas Special

December 22nd, 2015

- RoH Final Battle Review
- Star Wars Spoiler SAFE Discussion
- WWE Raw Slammy Awards Rundown
- UFC on Fox 17 Results
- NXT TakeOver London Feedback
- Changes needed in creative
- Kurt Angle on last TNA match
- Flair & Foley
- Joey Ryan YouPorn deal
- Crazy Vince Russo/Cornette gun story
- TNA status update
- WWE 2k16 Legends Pack
- Hardy's on WWE HoF Induction
- Cena/Riley Heat
- Indy talent turning down WWE
- Maria and Mike Bennett done in RoH
- The Rock being sued
- Sasha Banks chicken toss

What Are You Reading? Volume 8 Issue 46

December 21st, 2015

Its the last show of the year as Jordan talks his favorite comic books of 2015, Surfer talks his favorite movies, news rundown, and a whole lore more on the winter finale!

The Wrestling Call In Show - Ep295 - 12/19/15

December 21st, 2015

On this episode of the show, I am joined by Big Tone and Randy as we talk about the start of The Roman Empire, and we recap the both WWE TLC as well as ROH Final Battle.  Also Kurt Angle says he isn't retiring, as well as Kane's and John Cena's return to Television.  We also talk about the WWE Slammy Awards and much more.

Star Wars Christmas Special

December 21st, 2015

We celebrate all things Star Wars in this extra long Show. We round table about What we like about the first 6 chapters to this massive franchise. Listen to some of the songs made popular from this series. Do a little trivia. And then fair warning At the 2:37 mark we spoil the new chapter The force awakens

Turnbuckle Throwbacks - Ep152 - The Return Of Santa’s Little Helper

December 19th, 2015

It’s a family affair on this episode as Phil is joined by the “Unsilent Majority” and Mikey and they talk a little wrestling and Mikey reads his list of presents he wants to give to some of his favorite wrestlers

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