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The Wrestling Call In Show - Ep178 08/10/13

August 12th, 2013

On this episode of the podcast, we have Double A, Surfer, Rage, Tony C, Swax, and Ms. Destiny all call in to talk about the week in wrestling.  We touch on the TNA PPV, then move on to the WWE.  We discuss topics as why I don't like Daniel Bryan, whats is next for the Teddy Long, what we think of Curtis Axel, and do we really care about the mix tag at Summer Slam.  Also we get the start of a huge bet for Tuesday's edition of The Rant.  Can Rage go through a whole show without swearing???  Hear what started that bet.  Then we also show concern for friend of the podcast Athena as she is injuried at a WSU show.  All this and more on this edition of The Wrestling Call In Show.

What Are You Reading? - Volume 6 Issue 22

August 12th, 2013

This week's show, we discuss some box office numbers. But somehow we get way off track on the show when it turns into a debate about Batman, superhero or not.  This and much much more.

NXTCast - Episode 1

August 11th, 2013

We kick off the first episode of the NXTCast running down news around the world of NXT and the WWE Performance Center as well as the great week in television. Sit back as Wario Van Peebles & Cris Nixon break down all that as well as share their opinions.

Old Head vs. Young Buck - Ep4 - Rage’s Date

August 8th, 2013

On this edition of Old Head vs. Young Buck, Rage kicks things off be giving us the juicy details of his dates in New York City. And what he plans on doing with his new lady friend in the future. From there, the show turns to race relation and we try to figure out who is black and who is white. A William Morgan and Surfer get into a deep race discussion. All this and much much more.

What Are You Reading? - Volume 6 Issue 21

August 6th, 2013

This week, The new Doctor Who is revealed, box office report, Rage's anime review and much more.

The Rant - Episode 311 08/06/13

August 6th, 2013

On this special edition of The Rant, Double A is joined by Surfer and making his debut on The Rant, Wario.  And they sit down and have a roundtable discussion on their favorite wrestling television shows both past and present.  And from there they run down some of the best and worst attraction matches.  And what they mean in the sport Today.  Some news is also covered.  All this and much much more.

The Wrestling Call In Show - Ep177 08/03/13

August 4th, 2013

On this edition of the podcast, we have Tony C, Surfer and Swax call in this discuss the week in wrestling.  We discuss topics like, what role will Tito Ortiz will play for TNA, the offer that the Main Event Mafia made to the Aces and Eights, and why I dont like ODB.  Also we discuss Layla's heel turn, and why is Randy Orton getting all this love from WWE.  Also we discuss Surfer's view on Total Divas, and a whole lot more on this edition of The Wrestling Call In Show.

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