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The Rant - Episode 305 06/25/13

June 26th, 2013

On this edition of The Rant, Double A is joined by Lee and Surfer.  Double A recounts his trip to Las Vegas and talks about what he saw and what he didn't see.  From there we talk about a terrible move that Surfer saw, and we coast into wrestling news.  We dip into all the drama that is currently going on in Ring Of Honor, talk a little about Monday Night RAW, and cover some other wrestling stories.  But things get heavy when we turn the show into a roundtable and talk about a variety of topics.  But things get heated between Double A and Surfer when the availability of TBS is discussed.  All this and much more that you need to check it.

What Are You Reading? - Volume 6 Issue 15

June 23rd, 2013

This week, while the news of the week was short, we did go over the box office numbers, does the Man of Steel hold up for a second week?  So how we got off on Disney films.  Somebody finally watched Dark Knight Rises(late to the party). Transformers still sucks, and I get off my chest about the latest Marvel cross over Age of Ultron.

The Wrestling Call In Show - Ep171 06-22-13

June 23rd, 2013

On this episode of the podcast we have two superstars joining us.  The Wrestling Goddess Athena and Su Young join us to talk about the ACW Queen of Quenns tourney.  Plus we break down all the action from the shows along with your emails and phone calls.

The Ringside Report - Ep50 06/18/13

June 19th, 2013

On this edition of The Ringside Report, Lexicon and Lee join up once again as they break down the world that is Ring of Honor wrestling.  But that is not all, they are also joined by Wario who brings some light on what is going on in the world of NXT.  And together, the 3 give their opinions on pretty much the state of wrestling in their eyes.  This and much more.  Check it out!!

The Rant - Episode 304 06/17/13

June 18th, 2013

On this edition of The Rant, Double A is joined  by Rage and Surfer they take over Monday Night for one week only and recap everything that is going on in the world of professional wrestling.  They start off with talking about what happened on Monday Night RAW.  From there it's a run down of the week of news, and what happened at WWE Payback.  This and much more on this edition of The Rant.

The Wrestling Call In Show - Ep170 06/15/13

June 16th, 2013

On this edition of the podcast, we go over the WWE PPV Payback.  Will CM Punk show up?  Can the Cena-Ryback match be a entertaining one?  And can we get a big match from A.J and Kaitlyn?  Also will The Shield be able to hold up after taking the lose on SmackDown?  Can Damian Sandow give the great white a run for his money?  And will Curtis Axel step up and complete his big push and win the IC title?? All this and more on Episode 170 of  The Wrestling Call In Show.

The Game Time Report - Ep3 “E3 Post Show”

June 16th, 2013

On this episode of The Game Time Report, Lex and Wario reflect on E3 2013 and look forward to what the games that were revealed at the event have in store in the future. The guys also talk about what they're playing at the moment, including The Last of Us, State of Decay, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Plus, some heavy Madden 25 talk goes down. All this and so much more!

The Rant - Episode 303 06/11/13

June 11th, 2013

On this edition of The Rant, Double A is joined by Rage and Jasmine as they talk about a little of everything.  But we run down the news of the week in professional wrestling.  And we get deep into a talk about TNA's event booking style and why it is not the right way to do things.  From there, we talk about Vince McMahon trying to compete with the NBA. and why it doesn't sound so ridiculous.  Then what does double think of a John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan feud?  Well it just might happen and Double A knows exactly what would make himself happy about it.  Then we get sidetracked by a discussion of Wendy Williams and why reality shows are very bad for the human race.  And then we briefly run down what happened on Monday Night RAW.  All this and much much more.  Check it out!!

The Game Time Report - Ep2

June 9th, 2013

On this special E3 Pre-Show, Lex and Wario dig in and look forward to the biggest gaming expo going today! Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, XBOX One, PS4, Halo 5, EA Sports, Madden, FIFA, UFC, NBA Live, Fallout 4, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield 4... so many things are covered in this one episode! You don't want to miss this show!

The Wrestling Call In Show - Ep169 06/08/13

June 9th, 2013

On this episode of the show, we break down the TNA PPV,plus all the shows of the week.  Is Ryback looking to weak, has Wade Barrett been demoted to jobber status, and is Randy Orton a face or a heel?  Also we ask the question why is The Great Khali still on the WWE roster, do you like Rampage on the TNA roster, and is the next thing for Kurt Angle the WWE HOF?  And is Curtis Axel truly being pushed to the moon?  All this and more on this episode of The Wrestling Call In Show.  Thanks for checking out the podcast and don't forget to check us out on RantEM Radio Every Saturday Night at 11:00pm Est.

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